MathMagical is pleased to confirm that it will be
releasing !GPS for The Raspberry Pi running RISC OS in the New Year.
The new software runs on the RISC OS multitasking desktop, and
is designed to work with both small and large monitors.
It makes use of a £40 Pmod MT3329 GPS module wired directly to the GPIO pins of The Raspberry Pi.
The screen shot below shows the software correctly decoding the information streaming off the GPS unit into the Pi.

Above is a screen shot of the free !GPS application.
The free software is in alpha release with many features to be added over the coming year.


Martin Hansen

Asked to describe an ArtGraph in one sentence;
“ArtGraphs are mathematical equations, coloured in”.
The algebraic equations come from my head, the plotting and colouring in I ask a computer to do.
Such explanations do not capture the spectacular and varied images that result.
For that we need a picture gallery.
Here then, are twenty images to give a flavour of my ArtGraph digital art.

A power supply for use in a marine environment which converts
12/24 volts DC ship’s power to the 5 volts DC required by the Raspberry Pi.
Also suitable for mobile use in Caravans.

* Simple, robust and forgiving construction.
* Hi specification components used throughout.
* Tolerant of wide variation of input voltage.
* Efficient voltage conversion, with little power lost as heat.
* Clearly labelled input and output.
* Board pre-drilled for mounting, or can be cut to fit user supplied box.
* Hand-made with care, and tested with a Raspberry Pi.
* Output can be soldered direct onto Raspberry Pi board.
* Output can be connected to user supplied micro USB plug to match power socket on Pi.
* Full refund (exc P&P) if not delighted.


I’ve been working with Anthony Haines on a Prime Number Generator for RISC OS. Anthony writes the ARM machine code and I check the output. I then add routines to write the results in a plain text format and wrap the project up in a user friendly WIMP front end. Our first offering, !MakePrime, is now available from this website. The software is free to download but the copyright remains with Anthony and myself

There will be a MakePrime version II along in a few months. This is currently under test. On Iyonix, MakePrime II has managed to generate 100 million primes using an array of around 128 megabytes. This is twenty times more primes than the maximum available from the current version. It generates these in less than 6 minutes. ( Which I find impressive  ! )


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